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2015 Traveling Dad Gift Guide

By November 15, 2015October 18th, 20176 Comments

Traveling Dad gift guide If you know any dads that love to travel, you know that they’re not always the easiest to please. Shopping for dad is a specific skill acquired with lots and lots of practice. Let us help you out this year with some suggestions for gifts dad will be crazy about. Whether he is setting up a campsite in the woods, photographing cities halfway across the globe or flying across the country for work, this list has something perfect for every traveling dad.

Bluebeards Revenge Shaving and Body Kits

This company has the right idea. You can order your shave cream, soap, straight razors and more – PLUS throw in a couple bottles of beer brewed by this UK men’s grooming company. The best option for Dad is the Bluebeards Revenge travel bag kit filled with goodies such as shave towels, moisturizing balm and a Bluebeard comb. What’s special is the travel case has inner and outer pockets so the man in your life can keep organized on-the-go.

Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Shaving Cream and Aftershave

Instead of grabbing a cup of coffee to get your morning caffeine fix, try this caffeinated shaving cream from Pacific Shaving Company. The cream and its aftershave counterpart will help you wake up—both with the caffeine and with the fresh spearmint scent—while keeping your skin as soft as silk (thanks, magical argan oil!). Traveling dads who don’t have access to coffee, are trying to quit drinking it or simply don’t like it have a new option for getting their morning started off right. And your skin will thank you for it.

Art of Football Clothing & Prints

If the Dad in your life is crazy about sports but owns all the regular jerseys and boring team memorabilia, this is a wonderful alternative. Especially perfect for British Dads or fathers who follow a lot of soccer (football!). The art of Football is an interesting line of printed t-shirts, hoodies and more that feature famous scenes and players from top games across the decades. They take these images and creatively design them to present a strong and exciting piece of art you can wear. Most options come in hangable prints as well. Our guy really loved his Aston Villa shirt and Arsenal print for the wall featuring two of his favorite Premiere League teams. They have sizes for women and kids too so you can all match Dad!

Thrashion Jewelry and Accessories

Is your Dad a cool Dad? Mine certainly is and can totally pull off some unique Thrashion gear. This UK company makes all sorts of beautiful products from recycled skateboards, from tie clips and cuff links to custom rings and belt buckles. Most items feature bold colors that add a little pizzazz to a fancy suit or tucked in your man bag. It’s a great way to support sustainability and have a really interesting souvenir from your European travels (or desire to get to England sometime soon!)

Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Set

For most, morning routines include a hot cup of coffee. When you’re traveling, it isn’t always easy to find a place to get some espresso or to brew your own. Handpresso’s portable set solves that problem, allowing you to use espresso pods or coffee grounds to get your caffeine fix on your next road trip or camping adventure. The set comes in its own travel case along with the espresso maker, cups, napkins and an insulated flask to store hot water. After a few days of traveling with this machine, coffee lovers are sure to be almost as addicted to it as they are to the caffeine itself.

Hennessy Hammock Expedition

When dad heads out on his next camping trip, ensure that he has a practical new toy to play with. Setting up the Hennessy Hammock may take a second, but for those who love adventuring in the outdoors, it is the perfect gift. Its sturdy durability makes it the ideal spot to spend a night sleeping or to rest while hiking—and you won’t have to worry about the hard ground or rocks digging into your shoulder blades. The large rainfly will keep you nice and dry too. The hammock also comes with complimentary webbing straps that will protect the treebark and a mosquito net to keep the bugs off. What more could you ask for?Hennessy Hammock gift guide

Royce Leather Freedom Wallet for Men

What is, hands down, the worst item to misplace? Your wallet, of course! For dads that are always on the move, consider this special high-tech wallet. It comes with a Bluetooth GPS tracker that slips into one of the pockets so you can find it fast—whether you’re on vacation or at home. The tracker couples with an app that allows you to pinpoint the wallet’s location, but it also gives you the option to trigger a beeping sound to make it even easier to locate. On top of the technological benefits, the Freedom Wallet is made with RFID-blocking material.

Royce Leather wallet gift guide

Ka-Bar Stainless Steel Hobo Knife

This handy tool is ideal for dining on the go—think picnics, camping trips or beach days! It comes with more than a knife; Ka-Bar’s stainless steel kit also includes a travel fork and spoon. The utensils slide out so you can use them all at once then easily fit back together for easy storage. It’s compact size makes it perfect for traveling and you won’t have to worry about carting around extra forks and knives to eat your meals. If necessary, the knife is sturdy enough to be used for other camping-related needs.

Photojojo Cell Phone Camera Lenses

Mobile photography has grown in popularity over the last few years. While DSLRs still produce the best images, camera phones can also take some high-quality pictures and they’re not nearly as bulky. The major difference between the two is the ability to control the image. While not all phones give you options to change shutter speed or aperture, Photojojo’s magnetic cell phone lenses allow you to change the camera’s field of view. Options include wide angle, macro, fisheye, telephoto and polarizer lenses. These are a great gift for dad because they’re easy to use, they work with most phones and he’ll have something new to experiment with during your next vacation.

Carry On Cocktail Kit

On long flights, it’s nice to have a drink to relax and pass the time. But the options are rather limited, especially for those that enjoy artisanal cocktails. The Carry On Cocktail Kit is a great way to change that. These little kits come in a tin that includes a recipe card, a linen napkin and everything you need to craft specific drinks. These little spoons and syrups will make your in-flight drinks better than you could’ve ever imagined. Each kit makes a different drink—choose from an Old Fashioned, a Moscow Mule or a Gin & Tonic.Carry On Cocktail Kit gift guide

White Sierra Men’s Convertible Pants

It’s always recommended that you dress in layers when you’re anticipating temperature changes, but with these White Sierra convertible pants, you don’t have to. Whether you’re spending time by the river, in the desert or on mountaintops, these pants unzip to convert to shorts when the sun starts to beat down. The high-quality nylon fabric is both breathable and quick drying. On top of that, it provides UPF 30 sun protection. So instead of packing both pants and shorts when you’re out exploring for the day, save some space and go for this two-for-one.

Volcano 3 Collapsible Cook Stove

For the dad that loves to grill, consider this portable stove. It comes with a storage bag that makes it easy to transport in its collapsible five-inch state so you can bring it with you on long hiking or camping trips. Having a stove will give you many more meal options, especially considering that the Volcano 3 can be fueled by propane, charcoal or wood. It comes with both a burner and a grate so you can interchange the cooking surface depending on the type of fuel used. It’s definitely the best of its kind, not only for its versatility but also because of how easy it is to transport and how small it can become. Happy cooking, travelers!

Dads, what’s the best gift you’ve ever received? Moms, what are you planning to buy your hubby this year? Share in the comments below!

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