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2015 Traveling Mom Gift Guide

By November 20, 2015October 7th, 201716 Comments

Moms, it’s time to treat yourself! We know you must be running around like a crazy lady all throughout the holiday season, so we want to make sure you’re not left out. To everyone else – make sure you pick up something special for these wonderful women, she totally deserves it. Especially if she ever had to deal with your two-year-old self on a flight.  The holidays and Christmastime are the ideal moments to spoil Moms rotten with some amazing travel-themed gifts (and gift to help her cope with stressful travel plans!)



Toms Shoes in beige with orange and blue detailing


Lugging suitcases, chasing after the littles and being on your feet for hours while on the road means that having the best pairs of shoes possible is clutch. I searched high and low looking for a perfect pair that offered comfort and a little bit of style to boot. I found both of these qualities plus a little something extra with TOMs shoes. This company not only makes a great pair of colorful slides you can wear anywhere, they also donate one pair of shoes to children who are less fortunate for every pair bought by the consumer.

Pink Prosecco Gift with Corkcicle Air

Our airline loyalties have started to shift since moving to Europe. While we’re big fans of JetBlue and Southwest, we’ve had to choose a few new guys to add to our lists while taking flights out of London. Richard Branson, the eccentric and brilliant man behind the Virgin empire is one of my favorite people, even if the airline’s offerings aren’t the cheapest. Anyways, Virgin has its hands in several projects, including various gift themed for the jet setting traveler. Moms who travel often also drink their fair amount of wine, so a Virgin Wines delivery can be the ideal gift to fill out their list. Choose from a wide variety of bottles from bold red to pink-hued bubbly. I enjoy the box that also included a Corkcicle, which can help aerate my favorite bubbly Rose while also keeping it perfectly chilled.

Evian Facial Spray

You know that feeling after getting off a plane – that sticky, icky, almost dirty feeling. No matter how much you try to freshen up in the airport bathroom, a gross feeling still settles in. This is why I swear by this nifty little item that keeps me feeling so fresh and clean. It’s really only a misty water spray, but it wakes me up a little and keeps my skin hydrated while on the go. If the kids behave, I might let them have a spray too that gives me a few seconds of blessed silence as well, so there’s a bonus use!

Panasonic Bridge Cameras

You’ve been eyeing some of those big fancy DSLR cameras for a while to take along on your vacations. But something so clunky and often complicated might not be your style. For something a lot better than your smartphone, consider a bridge camera by Panasonic. This nifty devices aren’t a single reflex variety, but still offer a lot of control over your images while maintaining quality. Even better, they are much more affordable and are still within a price range of many hoot-and-shoot cameras, but can do so much more. A few models also take stunning video footage for the ultimate travel companion. Mom is going to love it.

Signature Chocolates

Give. Me. Chocolate. If I survived an international trip with kids I deserve a gold medal. But if you don’t have one on hand, I’m just as happy to have a boatload of luxury chocolates full my stocking. This collection is a favorite, as it features some great flavors from all over the world, so I can feel like I’ve taken an around-the-world vacation from my couch.


For moms that want to stay in shape on the road, the FitKit is the perfect solution. If you don’t have access to a gym, this little kit will give you everything you need to have an effective workout in your hotel room. Paired with an online resource, you’ll have access to over 200 cardio and strength training exercises as well as additional fitness tips and healthy recipes. The portable case contains resistance bands, a jump rope, a pedometer, floor markers, an armband and an emergency ID tag. Now moms will have no excuse not to start their mornings off with a workout—except maybe complimentary hotel breakfasts.

Haiku wallet with flowers

Haiku Bags

I don’t care what kind of mom you are, you want a nice bag, and there’s a good chance that the diaper bag isn’t always going to cut it. For stylish moms who like quality and a bit of bohemian style, I’d suggest a wallet or a bag from Haiku. They come in a variety of prints and sizes, because as we know, one size never fits all when it comes to bags. My personal fav is this little brownish number, the Fortitude Cactus. I can fit my money, cards, pictures, change and even a binky—if I feel so inclined. It fits in a bigger bag or it can fly solo if I’m out and about on a date with hubby. (But seriously, when is that ever going to happen?) For the savvy traveling mom, it’s waterproof and RFID secure so your information is safe wherever the kids may drag you.

Travel-Sized University Games

Moms love to have fun with the kids. But even more so, moms love things that will keep the kids occupied long enough so she can go to town on that margarita by the pool. That’s where University Games comes in – they have classic board games and organized group games for all ages. Packaging is pint-sized so they can slip into any carry-on or car easily. When the kids are getting antsy, whip out “Pointless”, “5 Second Rule”, “Who What Where Jr.” or any of the other options for hours of fun. Mom can come join in anytime too, as most games allow the whole family to participate with different version for various age groups.

Need some help with what to get Dad too, or the kiddos? Check out all our gift guidesThis guide includes sponsored content. As always, all our opinions are our own.


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