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2015 Traveling Kid Gift Guide

By November 11, 20159 Comments

kid and dad building gingerbread houseBy the time someone enters kid-hood, they can totally get travel. The idea of experiencing a new destination, culture and experiences is not lost on kiddos this of this age, so holiday gifts that encourage their love of exploration are always well received. What on earth can you get the kid who is passionate about traveling? We’ve got you covered.

GoPro Hero Starter Bundle

This is a big gift, there’s no doubt, but it’s a serious score for a kid who takes their travel seriously. Your girl or boy will relish the opportunity to capture their experiences on camera, and this starter bundle makes things even easier, as it includes both a memory card and a head strap for easy filming. There are lots of GoPro options out there, but this one is just like a point and shoot camera, making video production simple with just a click. If your child is more advanced technologically, go ahead and get her a more advanced version of the GoPro so she can adjust exposure and mess with other fancy settings to make all of her videos Facebook-worthy. My 6-year-old got his first GoPro this fall and he needs to take videos of just about everything—that is if he can wrestle his gift away from his father,

Design Your Own Quencher Vapur Anti-Bottle For Kids

Ok, so we’ve all been in an airport with a kiddo is dying of thirst, and we’ve all had that aversion to spending $2+ on a bottle of water when there’s a fountain 50 feet away. Ths travel gift not only solves the problem, but it does so in style. You can’t take your own water bottles through security, but you can take an empty pouch—fill it up on the other side of security at no cost to you. What’s even better than the fact that this little gift will save you cash while you travel is that  your kids will love it. Choose among some fun and fancy designs for your kid this holiday season.

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2016

I won’t lie to you, we got this book and my kiddo is obsessed with it. We have to read at least three pages before bed each night (if not more) and he loves every second. I love it because it’s not just a chance for us to read together, but a chance for us to learn together. When your six-year-old talks about King Tut and climate change in casual conversation, you know you’ve won as a parent. Well done mom and dad. Well done.

Crorey Creations TRVFBM My Friendship Bracelet Maker Traveler

Have you got a creative kiddo that likes to keep things moving on the road? Pick up a travel bracelet maker for her this holiday season! Sting stays conveniently stored in the small board which fits nicely in any travel pack. Plus, tackle the challenge of producing new bracelets with a clip on top so your child won’t need a helper to produce stunning creations on a plane, train or in the car on family vacations.

Gameband (for Minecraft)

Kids flip out over Minecraft, the virtual building game where you create worlds and combat other players. There are app version of the game, but they don’t really do justice to the full version. So when the Gameband was released, it changed things completely. Your gamer kiddo can now uploads her saved worlds onto his wrist through a cool-looking, LED watch band and take them wherever she goes. The come in two colors and look really sleek – plus as a watch, it won’t be easily lost. You can bring any device along with a USB port and the games will automatically upload on the road for easy portability. Sounds like the perfect reward system for a well behaved kid on a plane!

RAVPower Portable Charger 3200mAh External Battery Pack Power Bank

I don’t know about your travel situation, but my kiddo is constantly running out of juice for his electronics when we are in transit. It’s pure hell for everyone in earshot when that damn tablet goes dark. In the car. On the plane. Once you are on the move it’s seriously hard to get things charged, so plan ahead. The RAVPower Portable Charger is a great stocking stuffer, and while it won’t be the highlight of the present opening, it will be awesome and incredibly valuable once your family hits the road.

Children Inspire Design Personalized My Travels United States of America (USA) Map Wall Art

I can’t speak for your kid, but my six-year-old is completely enthralled with his map. Every time we go somewhere new, the first thing he wants to do upon arriving back at home is to put a sticker on the map which hangs on the wall at home. Help your child take pride in her travels and invest in a stellar travel map to help her record and relish her own travels. Get some stickers to go with it. Every kid loves stickers.

Are you ready to go Christmas shopping? It’s time! Love our travel gift suggestions? Add your own traveling kid gifts in the comments below and help other family travelers give amazing gifts this year!

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