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2015 Traveling Toddler Gift Guide

By November 10, 20159 Comments

2015 Traveling Toddler Gift Guide (1)Toddlers aren’t difficult to buy for during the holidays. All you need to do is look for anything Disney and you’ll having a winning gift. If you want to impart your love of travel on to your own personal little human, your favorite niece or nephew, or the most adorable and intelligent grandchild this world has ever seen, then here are some great gifts you can give this holiday season.

Trunki Ride-On Suitcases

Toddlers can be hard to keep track of in the airport, that’s no surprise to any serious family traveler. However, they tend to be easy to locate when they are riding on top of their luggage: enter Trunki ride-on suitcases. These seriously adorable suitcases will get your little nugget pumped for your next trip. Once she packs her suitcase, she can ride on it! Choose from a ladybug, a bee, a princess or even a Gruffalo. Or, just pick a color you like for your kiddo. (That works too.) When your toddler isn’t going for a ride, these easy-to-navigate suitcases will give them a sense of responsibility and pride as they manage their own luggage in the airport.

Magnetic Fun – Cars Planes and Trains

You’re a parent, so I don’t need to explain to you how toddlers can be difficult to entertain. Long flights, in particular, present unique challenges for parents who want to travel with their littles. Magnets, however, are fun and can provide some serious entertainment. Lee Publications offers some really fun magnet sets that will be easy to play with on planes. Go for a travel-themed set with cars, planes and trains or set their imaginations on fire with a playhouse or a princess set. There are tons of choices and you really can’t go wrong with this gift.

Shrunks Indoor Travel Bed

Every hotel has a crib or a pack and play for the traveling baby, but nowhere has a fun little bed for the toddler who doesn’t need a crib, but who is still too tiny to sleep in a regular-sized bed. So get your toddler her own special bed for traveling! This inflatable bed is super comfy, inflates quickly and is easy to take along as it packs up nicely into a travel bag. As an added bonus, it has security rails so your little one stays safe no matter where you lay her bed down.

Volume-Limiting Headphones

Whether your tot has their own tablet or they like to play games on your cell phone, headphones are essential for keeping your fellow travelers from being disrupted on your flight, train ride, boat ride or whatever other means of transport you are taking that may be boring for your little one. Headphones are fun for everyone! Especially with all the fun character-themed options that Sakar offers. My Little Pony or Ninja Turtles? You decide.Skip Hop giraffe neck pillow

Star Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray

Traveling by car should be fun for toddlers too, but being stuck in that car seat isn’t always an exciting experience. Your little scream machine will do everything in her power to gain freedom from that evil system put in place by the evil parental overlords. Change that by getting your little one her own travel tray. A full table give your toddler a place to read, color, mess with stickers and even play with cars or action figures. It fits nicely on strollers and booster seats as well, so take it where you will. There’s room to eat, play and store your favorite books and toys. Your toddler will just love having this tray on your next trip.

Skip Hop Neck Pillow

If you’ve ever seen a little one fall asleep with their chin on their chest and thought, that looks painful! You aren’t alone. It doesn’t have to be that way when you get your traveling toddler a Skip hop pillow. Adults have these devices to keep themselves comfortable on the go, and the kids should too! (Except the options for kids are WAY more awesome.) Does your toddler have a favorite animal? Owl, giraffe, monkey, ladybug, dog… you’ve got lots of choices with a Skip hop pillow! Collect them all. Seriously though, they’re adorable.

Your budding traveler deserves the best this holiday season, so get her a gift suggested by the family travel experts at Pure Wander! Which one is your favorite?

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