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5 Disney Movies That Inspire Us To Travel

By December 25, 2013September 11th, 20184 Comments

Admittedly, I’m a lover of animated movies. I counted down the day until my son was old enough to go to the theater with me so I didn’t look like a creeper watching one of these flicks alone in the back row. These fun films have something that everyone can enjoy from whimsical characters to music that makes you want to stand up and dance. They also intrigue my family for another reason—they inspire us to travel together. Check out these Disney creations that will make you and your little ones want to explore the world.


This, of course, in a classic. Who didn’t want to be Jasmine or Aladdin when they were little? Be honest. This adventure has much more than a sweet love story in it though. The palace, where a great deal of the story takes place, is based off of the real life Taj Mahal in Agra, India—and that is what love stories are made of. In addition to walking around this inspiring and stunning architectural wonder, India has other fun things for kids to enjoy such international kite festivals in Gujarat or a tiger watching safari. Do note, Aladdin was meant to officially take place in the Middle East – which also is full of beautiful destinations like the fictitious Agrabah.

aladdin palace in agraba

The Lion King

Forever a family favorite, The Lion King is a beautiful story that resonates with children today as much as it did when it came out in 1994. Almost twenty years later, this children’s movie moves us and inspires children to think outside of their “travel bubble” and look to experience amazing creatures in their natural African habitat. Many other amazing experiences are available on safari—you can learn to make a fire, throw a spear, or simply spend an evening out among the stars.

lion king savannah landscape


The story of a young woman who risked everything to keep her elderly father from going to—and probably getting killed in—war has always touched my heart. I love the quirky characters and the music, and so does my young son. After watching this movie together, he insisted that our next vacation be in China! The Great Wall is on the bucket lists of many individuals, but children will also enjoy being dressed up in traditional garb, getting up close and personal with a panda bear, or seeing the colorful floats in the Dragon Boat Festival.



Anyone who has been to Greece and has seen this movie knows that it is riddled with historical inaccuracies (Thebes in in Egypt guys!). However, the lively music and silly characters are ideal for getting young kids interested in mythology and the ancient world. Be sure to watch it before you hop a plane over to see the beautiful buildings of Athens and Olympia or before you head to your local art museum together.


This more recent hit has a strong heroine that you just can’t help but adore. Travel to Scotland increased after its release, and it’s certainly not hard to understand why! The gorgeous scenery and medieval castles in Brave are something that families can experience in real life. There are many old traditions in Scotland, such as hawking, that will make your trip together engaging and memorable.


What’s your favorite Disney movie? Has a movie ever inspired you to travel somewhere?

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