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In The News: Disney Offers New River Cruise Options For Families

By May 6, 2015September 11th, 2018No Comments

Disney cruise lineThe whole point of Pure Wander was to offer family travel solutions that didn’t include mouse ears and a $50 character breakfast buffet because, hey, there is a big wonderful world out there. That being said, the one Disney experience I’ve always wanted was to try is cruise with my family because rumor has it that their cruises combine exceptional service and amazing destinations, making them some of the best in the world. Now there’s a new cruising option to salivate over—Disney’s new river cruise.

Adventures By Disney has teamed up with AmaWaterways to offer the kinds of experiences that dreams are made of—sans the Anna and Elsa meet and greet. Instead, families can indulge in the atmosphere aboard the ships which are packed with video games, movie nights, and karaoke to keep the kids entertained as well as music, dancing, and high quality food and wine to delight the adults. The entire group can get in on the themed culinary activities and try new and funky dishes as one big happy family. Try your hand at making a strudel while visiting Austria? Yes please.

When the cruises make port, the experiences start to get real. Tour a salt mine in Austria or engage in the same activities the inhabitants near Devin Castle in Slovakia did during medieval times. The opportunities to explore, learn, and grow are everywhere you look. Skipping the trip to Orlando this summer may have be the best choice you make all year long. Let us know how you feel after you take the brood on a bike ride around the Danube.

Now that sounds like a good time.

Europe is one of those places that is dripping with culture, sites, and experiences if only you can convince the junior family members that they don’t mind skipping the annual beach getaway this year. The AmaViola sets sail this summer making stops in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary, so there will be plenty of fun to go around. It’ll be a trip that even the teenagers will be raving about when you get home.

AmaWaterways is well known for its great service and knowledgeable guides, so if you are afraid that these excursions only look good on paper, fear not, they are also fabulous in real life. The partnership has breathed new life into the European river cruise and honestly, we’re hoping to see more of these cruises by Disney pop up in other locations before long. It’s a tad challenging to hide our excitement.

We are always on the lookout for destinations and vacation ideas that appeal to both the little people and the big people at Pure Wander, and it’s not always easy. Kids and adults typically want different things from their vacations. Disney river cruises are, however, one of those rare gems that make vacation enjoyable for everyone and still manage to throw a bit of culture and spirit into the mix. What more could you ask for?

Sailing dates, maybe. Ya, sailing dates.

For more information check out our partners over at TourMatters to get the help you need to plan out the perfect European getaway by Disney.

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