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The 2016 International Traveler Gift Guide

By December 5, 2016November 24th, 201856 Comments

What is the number one thing travelers tend to stress over? What to pack! Each gadget and gizmo claims to make life on the road easier, but what truly is helpful to keep you calm, focus and having a lot of fun? We’ve compiled our list of perfect gifts to give your loved ones who are jet-setters all over the world that are useful, beautiful and should be included in everyone’s suitcase.

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Osprey Ozone 36 Convertible Carry-On Bag


It’s a never ending battle with airlines to make sure your carry-on luggage is up to standards. Too many times I’ve had to pay a fee for a too-big bag when I’m trying to avoid checking one. It was well worth investing in the Ozone 36, which fits all EU standard carry-on requirements. It also converts from a backpack to a rolling carry-on and handle with ease. Big enough for a long weekend or even a whole week for an organized packer, the bag is ideal to hold a laptop, clothes and all your accessories. It recently made our last trip to Scotland a breeze. Retail: £150.00


Brookstone Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

brookestone headphones

An absolute dream to wear, these headphones will help you tune out the chaos and get to relaxing right away. The Brookstone Active Noise Cancelling Headphones fit over-the-ear and cancel out more than 90 percent of outside noise. This has been a lifesaver on a noisy train to Wales or relaxing when visiting family at home in Massachusetts. I like the simple design for the commute, traveling and just hanging at home, as earbuds don’t ever sound as smooth and bold. Retail: $99.99


BakedIn Baking Club

bakedin bake club

When I have an amazing meal during the travels, I often remember the dessert the most. I have such a sweet tooth and crave everything – natas from Portugal, fresh mango from St. Lucia or panna cotta in Italy. Sadly, I often can’t be bothered to make desserts in my tiny kitchen at home. But the Bakedin club takes any complications away from baking and sends just the right ingredients to your door. From whoopie pies and brownies to cakes and cookies, a new recipe comes every month to follow and make treats – enough to share. Retail: £7.99 per month


El Camino Bracelet

el camino bracelet

If you love bangle bracelets, why not have one with some meaning behind it? Even better, the El Camino bracelet helps you keep track of your favorite travel memories and destinations. Choose a custom band in a variety of colors, then decide between hundreds of beads that signify your goals across the globe. As an expat, I started with the USA and England beads to show off my fave home countries. You can also have a bead customized to say anything you wish – perhaps “Climbed Mt. Everest”?! Retail: Varies, £21.99-31.99 for bracelets plus beads


The Best of Sussex Guide


When visiting new cities, it’s ideal to have an insider ear to what’s hot. Luckily, Bets of England is introducing some wonderfully designed and informative guides for those visiting the UK. For instance, the Best of Sussex guide is full of useful tips on where to eat, what to experience culturally and interesting historic landmarks. You can order a hard copy in three sizes for convenience when traveling or to display on your coffee table. Retail: £6.95-12.95


Fabletics Casual Wear


I definitely want to be comfortable at the airport, but I also don’t want to look like a total hot mess. Now that I’ve adopted a healthier lifestyle while on the road, I also like to pack some active clothes that could double as daywear. Fabletics is the best I’ve found for these situations, as the stylish leggings can be great with both a pair of boots out shopping in London and then in yoga class afterwards. Not only do they carry standard bottoms and tops, they also have sleek jackets, infinity scarves (which was a lifesaver in blustery Scotland!) and more. I’ve swooned over their casual dress line and tote bags too – you can really create an entire outfit through Fabletics for your next trip anywhere in the world. Retail: Varies, VIP membership £44 per month per outfit


Robert Owen Undershirt


robert owen undershirt holiday

As a woman, I never understood the mystery of the undershirt. Everyday my husband wears a white one under his clothes, which I thought just caused more laundry. But when I felt the material of the Robert Owen undershirt I finally get it. The breathable, light and smooth shirt helps wick sweat away at the office, and they also have special shirts for runners too. I don’t think my husband will ever travel with a 3-pack of regular cotton shirts again, it’s well worth the investment for something you wear daily. Retail: £29.00


SAD Solutions Therapy Light


Nothing feels better than the warm sunshine when you’re on vacation. When in London, it’s hard to sustain that feeling of being outdoors in the warm light, which can get you down long-term over the winter.  The SAD Therapy Light can help alleviate symptoms associated with the lack of sunlight, through burst of beams from 15-20 minutes a session. It’s portable and can be used with a battery or plugin adapters that’s work in various countries. On particularly dull days, it’s a nice change of pace to have the glow on and reminisce about vacation to sunnier skies. Retail: £99.00


Syncwire 4 Ports Charger


When you forget a charge when on an international trip it can be worst. It’s also a huge pain when you don’t have enough for your travel group. The Syncwire 4 Ports Charger helps solve these issues. You can charge up to 4 USB devices and be the most popular guy at the airport. The best part is it comes with adapters that work for most countries, alleviating the need for tons of chargers. Retail: £21.99


Nudo Olive Tree Adoption


For our wedding, we received a wonderful gift that was unique and sustaining. You can ‘adopt’ an olive tree in Italy to learn all about its region and growth, and in a few month’s time, the fresh harvest of olive oil will be sent to your door. The Nudo Adopt company allows people to support an artisan product through seasonal or twice-annual deliveries from the tree you choose in their Italian grove. It’s a wonderful way to connect personally with your food and create some new recipes from your past travels – even if it’s just a killer charcuterie plate with fresh olive oil! Retail: Starts at £33.00


HelloFresh Box


Once I get back from a trip, the last thing I have energy to do is make meals. It’s tough, especially in the winter, to find energy to make home cooked dinners. However, the team at HelloFresh has made creating simple and healthy meals super easy with their subscription service. Choose which day you’d like a delivery, how many people in your family (2 to 5), and any dietary needs to have (vegetarian, no pork, no shellfish, etc.). Then the following week, a box will arrive at your door with just about everything you need to make dinner. I love that it helps me eliminate waste as there’s just enough food for two people and the step-by-step recipe guides are a breeze to follow. Retail: about £39.99 for a classic box for two people, three meals (use the code “K7CBPQ” for £25 off your first box!)


Hershel: Little America Backpack


While living in the UK, it seems I’m going on many more quick weekend getaways that require light packing. I’ve been happy with my wheeled carry-on, but recently have been looking to streamline the process even more. I’ve noticed many trendy Londoners sporting Hershel backpacks on their way to work and in freelancing coffee shop spaces, so I looked into grabbing one for my own semi-nomadic lifestyle. The backpack has thick straps for comfort and lots of room inside. The fleece-lined laptop sleeve is a bonus, as are the hidden magnetic clasps underneath the stylish rubber straps. The Little America Backpack comes in tons of different colors and is lightweight. Retail: £80.00


World of Snacks Box


It’s no secret that I love to make a beeline for grocery stores when I’m at a new destination. There’s something special about peering into the culture and variety of products stocked at the local market to make you feel like you’re truly immersed. I’m often trying desperately to make room to bring items home in a tiny bag! But with World of Snacks, you can feel like you’ve traveled far and wide to pick up tasty, unusual treats from around the world. Every month a box is sent to your front door with a tons of different treats, and each is explained so you know what you’re enjoying. The inaugural box was Japan-themed and included everything from green tea Kit-Kats to make-you-own sushi gummies. Retail: £13.99 per month, cancel anytime


Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne


And finally, it’s time to raise a glass to all your wonderful travel adventures! Last summer I went on a wonderful canal boat trip with my husband and parents, sampling bold reds and bubblies along the way. While we were not in the region where Nicolas Feuillatte was created, my mother still managed to find a bottle at almost every wine store we visited, because it’s such an iconic (and delicious) variety. From high-end limited editions to everyday must-haves, popping a bottle of this bubbly always bring back fond travel memories for my whole family. Retail: £26.99 for the Brut Reserve



Open to both UK and US residents. Win Prizes include Brookstone Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Lomo’Instant Camera Marrakesh Edition, Best of Sussex travel guide and iTunes gift cards.

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