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4 Quick Luxury Tips to Make Your Trip Extra Special

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Now, let’s just say this: any form of traveling is good. It can be on a shoestring budget, and you’ll have a good time. But if anything, it seems like all travel advice is about saving as much money as possible. There’s nothing wrong with this, sure, but if you’re forever counting the pennies, then you’ll miss out on some of the joys of traveling. So why think about adding some bona fide luxury to your next special trip? Below, we take a look at four tips that’ll have you swimming in the good life for a few days.

Get the Accessories

Trekz Titanium wireless stereo headphones in pink

Luxury is all about saying goodbye to those troublesome aspects, and living life in comfort. When it comes to traveling, there are plenty of accessory options to improve your comfort levels when you’re in the process of traveling to your destination and beyond. For example, there’s much to be said for investing in some luxury, ultra comfortable shoes, or having a top-end grooming kit with you — it’ll be worth every penny after a long journey. You’ll also find plenty of luxury if you have high-quality headphones and grade A tablets and smartphones in your bag, too.

Getting from A to B

There’s no denying that there are downsides to traveling. The biggest one, the one that seems to suck all the comfort, fun, and luxury out of the process, is being herded onto a jam-packed plane and herded through the skies. So the next time you want to make a trip extra special, why not do away with this aspect, and go all out? A private jet is the ultimate way to get a vacation underway, and, indeed, they can be less costly than you might think — take a look at for an idea of the costs involved. The only downside of treating yourself to this type of travel is that you may never want to travel on a regular commercial flight again…

Room Upgrades

Jacuzzi tub at the Santhiya Koh Yao Yai Resort & Spa in thailand

Hotels have come a tremendously long way in the past few decades. If you could only peek inside some of the rooms of the world’s finest hotels! While sometimes it’s enough to stay in a standard room and enjoy the amenities of a five-star hotel, there’s nothing like staying in the best room in the house. The next time you’re staying in a swanky hotel, consider going for the room upgrade, or hold out for some great last minute hotels to book that might offer bigger suites and perks. Sure, you’ll pay a little more money, but you’ll be living like a king or queen for a night — and who can put a price on that?

Dress to Impress

Finally, make sure you’re packing some expensive clothes in your luggage. If you’ve got the best clothes from your wardrobe with you, you’ll be able to swing by the best restaurants, cocktail bars, and clubs — whatever your style is — in your chosen destination. There are some amazing places across the world, especially restaurants, and everyone should experience them in all their glory at least once.

What indulgence do you enjoy while traveling? Do you have a go-to travel outfit?

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