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4 Tips For Staying Sane When Visiting With Relatives

By July 22, 2015No Comments

Family on stage having fun - How do you keep calm when traveling with your family? PureWander.comWe call it a vacation, but sometimes it’s more of a chore. We’re excited to see family members, but the whole experience is oftentimes stressful for everyone involved. With a bit of planning and the right mindset, you can make that family vacation to see family more enjoyable than you’d ever thought possible.

1. Give A Little To Get A Little

It’s easy to get in the “I’m the parent” mindset, and “we do things my way” because, well, you are the parent. This is absolutely going to cause tension among relatives who are no doubt excited to see and spoil your little ones. Let go of the reigns a bit and compromise.

No, your in-laws can’t buy your little one a new tablet or your teenager a new wardrobe, but a new t-shirt or toy isn’t the worst thing in the world. If you want to keep your sanity, you’ll have to give in a little. It’s for the best.

2. Always Stick To Your Own Safety Standards

One thing that isn’t up for debate is your safety standards. Children need to be properly buckled into car seats, not on a relative’s lap. No, the baby can’t have the yummy dessert food because it’s too difficult to eat and will make her choke. All of this is completely reasonable, and as a parent, it’s your job to keep your little ones safe no matter where you go, so stay strong when it comes to safety.

When we visit loved ones, we bring our Go Mama Go Wonder Bumpers along. The standards for baby bedding changes on the regular, so we find that it’s best to come prepared with our own equipment. The yellow and gray set matches our nursery at home, and the sleek zip up design makes them easy to add to a crib or remove from a crib so we always know that our littlest family member is resting safely.

3. Break The Rules, Just This Once

You’re on vacation, after all. One glass of juice with breakfast or an extra scoop of ice cream for dessert isn’t going to harm you or your kid. Staying up an extra hour or two to run around with the cousins might actually give you the opportunity to sleep in a bit.

Vacation is a chance to do things differently than you do every day, so don’t hesitate to break the routine or give family members extra chances to spoil your little ones, even if it isn’t how you would do things normally. In a week or so, life will resume as usual, but it could be awhile before your kids or your family members get the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company again.

4. Take Lots Of Pictures

Some people say to put the camera down and enjoy the experience, and while this is definitely sound advice, I relish the moments when I have the camera in hand. Granted, you won’t find me with the camera plastered to my face all vacation long, but especially when visiting relatives, I find that it’s important to capture these times we have together—and it’s not necessarily for me.

Sending framed prints to family members once you get home will seriously brighten their day.

Enjoy The Ride

Visiting family can be tiresome, frustrating, and incredibly taxing, but always remember that you love these crazy people—otherwise you wouldn’t be visiting them. Head to see your family members with an open mind and an open heart. Be prepared to do things a bit differently and compromise when necessary so that everyone can relish this wonderful time you are spending together when you are visiting with relatives.

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