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Fabulous Global Places to Visit This Winter

By January 23, 2023March 14th, 20245 Comments

With the winter well in progress and the holiday season almost here, it is time to start planning for the winter vacations. Perhaps you have in mind to spend some time at a remote European village covered in snow or planning your next beach trip.

Whatever you have in mind, check here to learn more about the visa requirement of your destination and the whole process of getting a visa if necessary. Learn about the ETIAS travel authorization, which has become a mandatory requirement for those planning to explore Europe.

Why not plan the most memorable winter vacation this year? All you need to do is browse through the following list of the best destinations in the world to go to this winter. (Be sure to check out to save on your travel accommodations!)

Note: Do check local regulations for health and safety before planning a trip abroad.

South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand mountains

New Zealand is indeed one of the most popular destinations in the world and is on the bucket list of every traveler. Enjoy looking at those ancient glaciers, pass through the rolling hills and gaze at the snow-capped mountains. What makes the destination even more attractive is that apart from being budget-friendly, New Zealand boasts many places to visit and things to do, and the experience is worth every penny. It remains of the most favorite countries in the world, and tourists never get tired of going back.

Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is the ideal spot for one-stop entertainment. It boasts some of the best beaches, impressive pristine villages, and amazing rainforests teeming with wildlife. Look forward to enjoying some of the mouth-watering Malaysian cuisines and getting a wide choice of numerous white beaches with blue waters. Island hopping is a major attraction here, and its tropical rainforests and forest valleys boast exceptional wildlife.


Home to the famed Alps, travelers love to feel the luxurious vibe of Switzerland in the crisp winter months. So much so that many people are interested in moving to Switzerland for work and for play. Before any permanent moves, visitors can indulge in some of the famous ski resorts that lie along the mountain edges, perfect for a wintry afternoon on the slopes. Heck, if you really love the country you could consider a property investment to rent and use at your leisure too. Switzerland might have upper-end rates for homes, but can offer some long-term return value to those who love the area.


Mauritius enjoys a high ranking among the top destinations to visit across the world. It is an excellent choice for those who love nature and are looking for a tropical island beach escape. The island of Mauritius boasts over a hundred beaches with characteristic beauty and flourishing marine life. The island is blessed with natural assets and is known for providing the best diving experience. Enjoy underwater excursions like diving around the coastline of the island.


Singapore, famous as the melting pot of Asia, never fails to amaze you with its culinary delights, architectural wonders, and new experiences every day. Singapore’s varied charms include century-old temples and ample opportunities to explore and enjoy cultures as well as discover new cuisines and flavors. You will never get tired of missing the world-class museums and art galleries and enjoying the events and festivals.


The rich ancient history and treasure of UNESCO Heritage-listed sites will keep you engrossed and impressed in Greece. The country is beautiful, and so as its people, who are warm and hospitable. Get ready to enjoy and explore some stunning beaches, unique flavors, and fantastic weather during the winter vacation. Visit world-famous sites such as the Parthenon, Temple of Olympians, open-air museum of Dolos, Acropolis, and lots more. Enjoy authentic Greek cuisine in local tavernas and restaurants, especially souvlaki and pita.

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