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Full steam ahead: How to speed up content creation for your travel blog

By February 15, 2021No Comments

We are not actively encouraging travel right now due to COVID-19, but look forward to being on the road again soon! Check local policy and law if you do travel, and consider taking all the precautions you can to keep not just you, but your community and the world community, safe.

As an international traveling content creator, time is always of the essence. Whether you’re rushing to catch your plane, counting down until you can check in to your hotel, or clock-watching until your airline transfer arrives, your career seemingly revolves around a ticking clock. The same can also be said for your content creation. From planning a digital campaign and launching your own merchandise, to posting on your blog or guiding a guest writer, the content creation process can be extensive, especially as your blog and your brand begin to grow.

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day, even more so when you consider flights, international travel, and numerous time zone changes. These kinds of issues can really slow down the creative production of your blog and your brand, making it difficult to bring in the results and the revenue you’re working hard to achieve.

Thankfully, accelerating content creation doesn’t mean you have to give up on the quality of your blog or the content you’re sharing. In fact, the right software applications can enhance your concept and content design process, giving you more time to focus on what you do best. Want to know more? Here we’ll explore how you can speed up the content creation process for your travel blog.

Consider creative automation

Creative automation is a major blogging resource that you should be utilizing. Rather than having to go through the stress of editing and changing your content to match the specific requirements of each platform, creative automation tools from do all this work for you, saving you time, money, and other resources. Users can produce creative templates, specifically curated and edited for each online platform, helping you maintain consistency across your brand without having to tweak and edit your content every time you upload it.

Content automation tools pave the way for localizing specific content and creating language variations quickly – helping you reach a wider audience without additional time and resources. Brand consistency is a dream, with brand guidelines easily followed and implemented. And crucially, users can scale their content production all whilst maintaining a high level of content quality, enhancing the entire process. So, wherever you are in the world, you’re working to full capacity with your software by your side.

Automate other areas

We’ve talked about creative automation tools, which are ideal for those who work within content creation, but there are other areas you can also automate that will help you streamline your creative processes. From automating social media posts to Digital Asset Management, brand templates, and more.

And finally, outsourcing could be an option

As your blog and your brand begins to grow, outsourcing some of your content creation could free up more time and help you progress at a faster rate. Again, using creative automation tools and DAM software, you and your prospective team of writers can maintain high levels of brand consistency and distribute your content effortlessly, speeding up the entire process without compromising on the quality of your travel brand.

How do you manage your day as a content creator? As a traveler? do you currently have this job, or do you hope to be a digital creator someday?

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