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It’s one thing to be a big fan of nature, but it’s a whole other thing to be immersed in it. If sleeping in a bug-infested tent isn’t your idea of a relaxing long weekend away, glamping is a perfect alternative. It lets you and your squad have some fun in the great outdoors, but not compromise comfort and style as well.


In the southern woods of Slovenia is the Big Berry camp, which welcomes those who want to be one with nature and also indulge in the comforts of a luxury getaway. This beautifully designed complex is the ideal combination. Both the indulgent amenities and natural seclusion offer a unique alternative for those wanting to get off the grid. What’s great is it’s close to maany activities as well, from hiking to Slovenia rafting down the Kolpa River.

Big Berry Style

There are several cabins that can accommodate up to six people on site. Each is equipped with private bathrooms, large living areas, kitchenettes and cosy bedroom spaces. A front-facing porch greets the sun every morning overlooking the river, which borders both Slovenia and Croatia. You and your buddies can enjoy a relaxing soak in your private hot tub, then take a quick dip in the river to cool off.


The amenities themselves are superb, but everything seen is also wonderfully designed. Style pays homage to minimalist inspiration without skimping on usability. This is reflected in both the sleek designs of the cabin as well as the elements found throughout camp. You can lounge in the white and red day beds any time of day. Or, take a swing in the spinning chair pods hanging from trees. Then, enjoy a lounge by the main lodge in comfortable linen chairs.

Some Local Lessons


While it’s easy to just kick back and relax during your whole stay at Big Berry, it’d be a shame to miss out on all the fun planned too. The camp prides itself in having guests immerse in local trade by observing production, taking part in education and connecting with nature. We loved visiting Čebelarstvo Veselič to learn about beekeeping. After sampling some honey and some strong honey liqueur, owners regaled us with tales of managing dozens of hives. To round out the day, we were brought to the beautiful Suklje vineyard and winery, run by owners with PhDs in viticulutre. They’ve taken their knowledge and brought it to Slovenia to produce an arrangement of complex, yet drinkable wines.

Slovenia Rafting: Wet and Wild


Just a quick ride from camp is a plethora of active pursuits to enjoy too. The River Kolpa is one of the clearest bodies of water I’ve ever seen in the world, which also acts as a border between Slovenia and Croatia. Slovenia rafting adventures along it’s gentle currents and through dams is one of the most fun. Grand Kolpa will take you and a group up to 50 people on an adventure that can include dips over mini drops, paddling, swimming and a couple beachy pit stops to savor the view. On a sunny summer day, it’s just as good as any time spent on the Mediterranean. You can mingle with local holidaymakers and finish off the day with some fresh fish and a cold beer at one of the cafes nearby. There’s also some great cycling in Slovenia too if that’s how you’d like to soak up the countryside!



The Top of the World

Hikers rejoice, as there’s countless hills and mountains to conquer in Slovenia. Take advantage of day trips from camp to Lake Bled, or simply explore the local area by foot. If feeling a little lazy, there is a mountain road to the summit of a small mountain (razgledna tocka kozice) near the Grand Kolpa rafting drop-off point. There’s incredible views of the River Kolpa below. It takes about an hour to drive up and requires a super small hike at the top.


Big Berry is open through September for group travelers in its inaugural year. While the camp hopes to open again the following season, keep an eye out for more Berry camp locations worldwide in the future.

Interested in visiting Slovenia in the winter? Have a look at this guide to Lake Bled.

Check out our quick tour of the Big Berry glamping unit and gorgeous view!

Have you tried glamping? have you been to Slovenia? Do you like nature or the city when you go to a new place?

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