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Review: Hotel Diva in San Francisco, CA for Families

By April 25, 2017July 22nd, 20192 Comments

Chic and modern are the two best words to describe Hotel Diva in San Francisco, California—and it doubles as one of the most fun places for kids or family in the city as well. Located in the heart of SF just a few blocks away from Union Square, Diva SF is the perfect place to stay while exploring the City by the Bay.

A Warm Hotel Diva Welcome

Kids will go gaga over the silvery Walk of Fame that showcases the names and handprints of celebrities that have visited the hotel, paying homage to the famous Hollywood handprints a few hundred miles south.

Entering the lobby, I was struck by the modernity: the warm glow of the backlit desk, the dim mood lighting, the shiny steel elevators and red wooden panels. Carlos was working the desk and he was extremely friendly as we checked in, offering us two packages full of goodies: stickers, crayons, small toys, a crown—even a foam door hanger for children to decorate and take home with them. A+ start!

Hotel Diva SF offers a chic atmosphere in downtown San Francisco.

Little Divas Suite: One of SF’s Fun Places for Kids

After grabbing our bags and heading up to the third floor (more mood lighting in the elevators!) we arrived at the Little Divas Suite, our home-away-from-home for the night. Upon entering, we went to the left and found ourselves in the room designed for Mom and Dad. With a posh bed covered in a white comforter, the paneling intentionally “rolling” off the wall to give way to a light fixture beneath and the image of a woman’s curvy corset figure imprinted on the window shade, there was definitely a stylish vibe.

Then came the real excitement—it was time to check out the kid’s room. Modern metal bunk beds were covered in brightly colored comforters depicting little monsters. A chalkboard replaced one of the walls, giving kids a place to draw and write. Nearby was an additional coloring table, covered in coloring books as well as books to read, a toy tea set, trucks and a giant tic tac toe board encasing metal X’s and O’s. A television sat atop a desk, accompanied by a karaoke machine and a Wii gaming system, a small bin filled with movies, karaoke CDs and videogames. A Lamb Chop hand puppet and some plastic dinosaurs were lined up on top of a large cabinet, which was filled with art supplies and games like Bop It, Trouble, Apples to Apples and Yahtzee. The cabinet was also home to a variety of dress-up costumes with everything from princess dresses to superhero masks and light sabers. In-cred-i-ble!

tic tac toe and other games

Who needs an itinerary when you have Hotel Diva’s Little Divas Suite? I guarantee you will have a hard time pulling your kids out of this room to wander the city; it might as well be considered one of San Francisco’s tourist attractions itself! Little ones will have a blast exploring the nooks and crannies. I was definitely impressed by the concept. But upon exploring the room, I was blown away by the sheer amount of fun to be had. I can’t recommend the Little Divas Suite enough for kids that love using their imagination.

Extra Amenities

As if the suite itself wasn’t enough, Hotel Diva offers a few extra amenities that add to the experience. There is an on-site fitness center, a Mexican restaurant adjacent to the lobby and a nightly sake hour for parents (so chic, right?). There is also free wi-fi, which, let’s face it, is a wonderful perk in this technology-driven era. Hotel Diva SF is also pet-friendly so if you’re road tripping, you can bring your pooch along to make it a true family vacation.

kids super hero masks

The hotel is a part of Personality Hotels Collection and its sister property Hotel Union Square offers a similar suite geared toward children with a retro ambiance, a wooden trundle bed and plenty of books and games.

For more information visit:
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