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The 2022 Gift Guides: A little love of Home

By November 22, 2022October 29th, 2023One Comment

It’s that time. It’s the end of the line and the holiday season to wrap up the year. Sometimes, it feels like it may never come. But here we are again after a wild, challenging, yet often wonderful, year. Every time we hand-pick our gift guide features, we really try to level up. This year, we’re doing a little more of what we love at home, as traveling has been a little thinner in 2022. 

I did manage a few great domestic trips to Florida, Missouri/Kansas City and Arizona. I did fall in love with Oaxaca, Mexico too on a girl’s trip. As a family, we also took a trip to Wales and England to see family. It gave our toddler her first taste of international travel.

So WAIT,  maybe we still did get around quite a bit! Either way, between trips we’re settling into our new home and taking to heart our global impact. Here’s the companies and products we want to support for their eco-friendly efforts, enticing worldwide curiosity and making our lives just a little easier.

Happy happy holidays from the Pure Wander crew, and here’s to 2023.

PS, don’t miss our foodie finds gift guide here too with even more tasty, sustainable, and interesting ideas!

Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0

solo stove

Have you ever felt that campfire smoke was just following you all around making your hair and clothes smell immensely of smoke?  That’s where the smokeless Bonfire 2.0 firepit from Solo Stove comes in. The unique design of the Bonfire 2.0 creates airflow that heats away smoke before it gets on to you. Our extended family has been using the original Bonfire stove for years. It’s incredibly easy to set up and take apart to store. It also has a stand that allows it to be used on decks and patios — or in our case — on the lawn without scorching it. There’s an easy to empty ash pan as well. Best of all — the heat this firepit generates radiates evenly to keep all around it warm while keeping the flames contained safely. 

Our family — kids, cousins, and all love roasting marshmallows over the steady heat — and the adults love the hassle-less experience of having a fire pit that works this well. It’s made of stainless steel which makes me confident that it will last for years through our New England weather. Don’t forget to add leftover ash to your compost pile rather than throwing it out! – Christian

Kizik sneakers

kizik sneakers womens athens in bahama

Let’s be honest; my days of jogging are few and far between these days. Now when I’m looking for sneakers, I hope to find something easy and comfortable to wear, and a bit more support than just slides. What caught my eye first was these shoes can slide on without tying them from a patented hands-free method. Being able to get supportive shoes on while holding a toddler and a carry-on bag to the airport is a game changer.

Don’t tell my mom, but I love these sneaks so much I got her the Eco-knit version that’s made from recycled plastic bottles.

August + Monroe eye serum

August + Monroe eye serum

Skin care routines when you’re always in dry airplanes and in various environments is key. It’s especially essential the more jetlag hits us all as we age. I’m finding the August + Monroe products divine, especially the wake-up call eye serum. I can barely remember to eat breakfast so I often get bored of a daily skin routine, but the special metal applicator makes it super easy to use. I really feel I see a hydrating difference as soon as I wake up and apply. I can’t wait to brighten my face while flying too.

Not only is the brand vegan and cruelty-free, they encourage everyone to take care of their skin. They also have a special program as well where you can return 5 of your recyclable empties with a free shipping label and receive a gift card toward your next purchase. Win win!

Waypoint Goods custom maps

If you’re an avid traveler, you might know about Waypoint’s famous scarves that have hidden pockets. I love mine for stashing a passport and an extra set of keys.

However, Waypoint has expanded beyond scarves and has a wonderful array of beautiful gifts for any wanderer in your life. Including yourself! My favorites are the topographical and city maps that beautifully display your top destinations and most vivid memories.

There are pre-made versions of many global cities and even hiking hotspots. But you can also own a completely customizable map from almost anywhere in the world, and in any color scheme. Have a peek at the custom map page to get a feel of what yours will look like.

Hest x Chris Benchetler camping pillow

Hest is an outdoor company that became famous for their amazing car-camping sleep system. With that same attention to detail and comfort, Hest has now collaborated with skier Chris Benchetler to release a new edition of their camp pillow. This pillow comes nestled in it’s own cover which you then unzip and turn inside out to reveal the pillow case — which in this edition is adorned with a beautiful mountain pattern. 

I’m a side sleeper — which means that camping mattresses — especially backpacking mattresses leave me broken the next morning. This pillow absolutely holds up to side sleepers and can help turn a tossing and turning night in the front country into a relaxing holiday — just like camping should be.

Best of all, 10% of the sales of this pillow will go towards the Benchetler Fasani Foundation. This gives people who’ve suffered hardships a chance to heal through experiences with nature and the outdoors. That is something we can really stick our necks out for! – Christian

Plants by Post

two succulents from plants by post

I finally, finally have a living space with good light. It’s time to start collecting plants! Although I love the tropical versions that remind me of my favorite places like Thailand and Japan, I need heartier varieties to get started. I opted for some succulents from Plants by Post that arrived in pretty pottery. They are thriving in our sunroom.

The company is also starting to offer more edibles like herbs and starter pepper and tomato plants. You can order these, holiday plants, pet-friendly plants and so much more. If nervous, search by difficulty of care level and stick to the basics.

Kids silicone gardening set

BraveJusticeKidsCo. silicone gardening kit in blush

The kiddos need in on these gifts for the holidays too, obviously. Our playroom is already getting crowded with toys from all over the world, so we have to be choosy when it comes to presents. 

Toddlers love to mimic their grownups, so a fun gardening set is a wonderful way to get them interested in the hobby. If soft and has been durable so far. In fact, while we wait for the weather to warm up again, we’ve been using the watering can in the bath!

Pursesuitz tank top

pursesuitz tank top with pockets

I need ALL the pockets. Always. During the winter it’s easy to have space to put all your essentials, but when it’s warmer it can be a challenge. Pursesuitz has a line of tank tops that not only have built-in cups but also have a front pocket that can hold your phone (and anything else you may need). They come in various support sizes for different types of activity. You can also layer and keep items even more secure under another shirt or light jacket. I love the idea of layered pockets everywhere when I’m traveling or just out with the kiddos multi-tasking.

Papaya Reusables

Papaya Reusables

While buying gifts for loved ones, I’m also trying to find ways to cut back on my consumables. These reusable paper towels are compostable and all natural. Plus, they come in lots of cute designs too. They claim a sheet can save up to 17 rolls of paper towel. I’m betting it’s true, as I ring out my Papaya reusable daily after wiping surfaces and cleaning constantly. It still holds up. I even subscribed to receiving a couple every few months so I stick to my resolve to use less paper products.

& please, don’t forget to give back! There’s several sites, like here and here, where you can explore various charities and the influence your funds can offer. Consider an ongoing annual gift to create the most lasting impact.

We receive product samples for guide inclusions. All reviews are completely our own opinions and never anything we wouldn’t purchase ourselves. Some links also may be affiliates that offer us a small percentage of the sale if bought, at no extra cost to you.

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