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The 2022 Gift Guides: Foodie finds

By November 23, 2022November 25th, 20222 Comments

Food is central to many of my most vivid travel memories. Some complex curry can take me right back to Sri Lanka, or a perfect cup of tea and shortbread reminds me instantly of Scotland

I love giving foodie gifts to loved ones during the holidays. As consumables they don’t clutter up space and can be enjoyed right away. I also try to choose gifts that enhance food and support passionate global cooking pursuits. Let’s dive into this year’s Pure Wander gift guide that celebrates coming together over a tasty dish and breaking bread together.

PS, we also have a complementary home-y guide this year too with even more fantastic gift inspirations!

Sugoi Mart Japanese Advent Calendar

candy and sugoi mart advent calendar form japan

I have been so, so patient waiting for December 1st. I love advent calendars, the symbolism and the countdown to the holidays. This year I opted for a reminder of our amazing trip to Japan in 2019 with the Sugoi Mart Advent Calendar. There’s so many surprises, I won’t spoil them for you. Past calendars include character trinkets, Japanese sweets, and toy curiosities.

And no worries — if you haven’t secured an advent calendar in time for Christmas, they also have a fun ‘30 days of Japan’ surprise box you can start at any time you wish!

North Drinkware Mt. Washington Pint

drinkware mt washington pint

We’re big hikers at Pure Wander, especially in New England. To commemorate the outdoors, North Drinkware offers an array of artisan gifts. Most of the glassware feature peaks from the west coast, but I chose a classic from the east: Mt. Washington. The detail is incredible from this handmade, hand-blown pint glass that’s wonderful for hikers.

They take part in 1% for the Planet and all their products are beautifully crafted. What more could you want in a gift? This is definitely the most interesting tribute to the outdoors we have in our kitchen.

Wildgrain bread subscription box

Wildgrain rosemary bread

Over the winter, many of us like to hibernate. That can mean extra cozy blankets, or just some extra carbs to keep us warm. When I spend my bread tokens, I want to make sure to indulge in the best of the best. Wildgrain offers the chance to have monthly frozen baked good deliveries, all made by the pros. 

A typical box includes everything from artisan sourdough loaves, fresh pasta, croissants and sweet treats. We love supporting a local Boston, MA company too, who also donates meals to the Greater Boston Food Bank for every Wildgrain member.

All in One Pan by Tramontina

All in One Plus Pan in sea salt green

If preserved well, a good pan can last for many years. It also can change the way you cook into something even more delicious. I like a pan that can go from stovetop to oven, be used in many different ways, and cleans really easily. So far this 5 quart non-stick pan has held up beautifully.

It also comes with a lid, spoon, steamer insert, and bamboo trivet. So after cooking, I can serve my dish right in the pan too, which comes in many trendy colors. I plan to whip up some Spanish paella in the near future for our next dinner party.

Butcher Box

butcher box gift

My weakness is definitely grocery stores. When I travel, I love poking around the local shop and picking up a few things that are fun and fresh. So while at home, I need to reign in the grocery spending while also keeping in mind sustainability. 

Butcher Box is a certified B corp that offers a subscription service for all types of proteins. We usually stick to chicken and beef, but the cuts vary and you can switch it up every month. There’s also plenty of seafood, pork, and other meats available depending on availability. Butcher Box runs lots of specials too – my box currently comes with free bacon and chicken wings every order, making the price well worth it. Subscribe for yourself or choose one of their great one-off gift box options for a loved one during the holidays.

Churrasco BBQ Knives Set by Tramontina

Churrasco BBQ 5 Pc Cutlery Set with Magnetic Block by Tramontina

We’re those people that like to grill even with a foot of snow on the ground. After a grilling session, my job is to carve and plate the dish for ourselves and guests. The Churrasco Knives are an ideal gift for any home entertainer or traveler who enjoys creating their best barbeque meals at home.

My favorite feature though honestly is not just the five attractive knives, but the chic magnetic wooden knife holder. It’s a great display piece and allows for easy access in the kitchen.

Steeped Coffee

steeped coffee and mug

Whether camping, hiking or simply on a road trip, coffee has to be readily available. It’s an unwritten rule of mine when I’m traveling near home or somewhere far-flung. Steeped coffee is a pour-over packet that can go anywhere and comes in five varieties. 

Not only is it super tasty, but Steeped is the first fully compostable brewing method. The grounds, inner packet, and outer packaging is all made for composting. That is what led me to stuff stockings this year with Steeped Coffee packets that I know won’t contribute to additional holiday waste.

Keep an eye out for a Pure Wander giveaway in the near future featuring a Steeped Coffee prize!

Iced Tea Select by Capresso

capresso iced tea select maker

It took me a minute to convince my British husband to ice his tea, but we got there. Especially in the summer, I love a cold drink with caffeine to jump start my day, but a sugary coffee is oftentimes too much. The Iced Tea Select makes more than a ½ gallon of tea that can be stored in the dishwasher-safe pitcher once brewed. A dial allows for stronger or weaker tea, and the system has an automatic shut off button. We keep this sleek, white iced tea maker at our family’s beach house for cold drinks all summer. PS, it also can do cold coffee drinks too easily!

& please, don’t forget to give back! There’s several sites, like here and here, where you can explore various charities and the influence your funds can offer. Consider an ongoing annual gift to create the most lasting impact.

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