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A Weekend on the Ganges River, India: Raichak on Ganges

By April 19, 2018June 4th, 20196 Comments

The Ganges River India is there to surprise. The Ganges River, also known as the Ganga River, is the holiest river to Hindu believers. It starts in the Himalayan mountains and runs through most of India, eventually emptying into Bengal Bay.

Along this 1,500 mile stretch of the Ganges River, a beautiful resort welcomes visitors. Just two hours away from the vibrant Kolkata, Raichak on Ganges is a contemporary complex in West Bengal that hosts three hotel resorts, private villas, one Spa by L’Occitane and diverse Asian food restaurants.

Ganga Kutir ganges river India

Indian urban cities can be overwhelming to visitors, so having a break is a must. The Raichak on Ganges is a perfect fit for a retreat weekend away from the world.

The Fort Raichak is one of the biggest hotels in the complex with a swimming pool that’s ideal for morning swims and relaxation. An option perfect for groups is Anaya, where some of the Spa Villas feature their own jacuzzi. The meandering pool features a sunken bar to grab a classic holiday cocktail.

Riverside Luxury in Ganga Kutir

Sitting on the edge of the Ganges River India, smart looking deluxe rooms upgrade the stay at a place designed for a little more privacy. You can reach the final Ganga Kutir property by car or by one of the buggies available for the guests. Facing the Ganges River, surrounded by a cozy minimalist pool, a classic restaurant, and a first-floor bar, you find the most comfortable rooms. The left side rooms with one window offer a very charismatic view of the bridge dividing the resort with a tiny fisherman’s village. It is charming to see how they work on the boats and fish with their vast nets. One of the most stunning views to enjoy, it is on a foggy morning to see how the boat is going towards the wide Ganges River to make its day. This little details really makes you feel the spirit of Ganges River, India. This is a contrasting country and sometimes is good to stop for a moment to observe, wander and reflect.

The cushions and other linen pieces in the rooms are from the well-known Indian brand Good Earth. Some of the prints are typical block printing. Favourite ones include white with pretty green trees in this ancient technique. Toiletries are from Kama Ayurveda, another top brand with great quality soaps or body creams. The patchouli scented products complement the dark tiles and shower space. The big white and cloudy beds are perfect for resting after a day between the swimming pool and strolling through the property.

A Quirky Infinity Pool Facing the Ganges River, India

When waking up and enjoying a buffet breakfast featuring hot Indian dishes, there are few activities to do on the river like paddle boating. One of the best options is to walk a little further until you hit the swimming pool and promenade. This is the best swimming pool in Raichak on the Ganges River – a large infinity pool with green grass and cool chilling areas. The only not-as-positive point is the landscape on the other side of the river shows a nuclear center. Nothing that major to worry about, even though these factories are not good for the environment. However, close your eyes while floating in the lovely pool and just go with the flow. It is also a great place to keep your workout routine, feel comfortable and swim for hours.

Ganga Kutir swimming pool ganges river India

Sonar Tori, an Exotic Bengali Lunch

Swimming makes everybody hungry, but it is very hard to be famished at Raichak on Ganges! They really take care of every need. A must-stop during your stay is a Bengali lunch.  The top-notch restaurant is the neighboring building with Ganga Kutir, Sonar Tori. This Bengali specialty restaurant is set on an amazing recreated Sri Lankan house with its own fish tank and tons of palm trees. Much of the space is used just for decoration, however, it beautifully complements the main dishes. Everything here is taken care of. The detail is extraordinary with everything down to the silver cutlery.

The food is especially delicious! It can only speak of its quality knowing that there are some customers that drive from Kolkata and back just to have lunch here. The thalis are served in Bengali style, having the option to choose between vegetarian, meat or fish options. The spinach, aubergine or rice dishes are to die for and leave customers completely full, happy, and begging for more!

Sonar Tori desserts ganges river India

Desserts are from another world. As it is not a light meal, usually they just open at midday. Check which weekdays are open for dinner.

Indulge Yourself with Anaya Spa by L’Occitane

The Anaya Spa by L’Occitane is a circular white and terracotta building where you can relax from the stress of the city and just focus on your rejuvenating your body, mind, and soul. There is a very professional atmosphere at the spa, which boasts the prestigious French brand L’Occitane. Once you step inside you feel the warm oil fragrances welcoming you. As you sit down, you have the chance to chose your treatment with the assistance of the helpful spa managers. We recommend the couples massage which is a perfect treatment when looking for a few peaceful hours. Traveling can be tiring, and the relaxing aromachologie massage feels like a present to the body! The therapists providing this massage are extremely respectful and talented.

Ayurveda-Treatments Raichak on the Ganges river India

Raichak on the Ganges is not a conventional resort, it has more facilities and amenities than the average resort. It not only competes on those things but also the quality of the staff which makes all the difference. Holidays are more enjoyable when there is water involved, so having the Ganges River by the side with all of these commodities, it is a rare opportunity.  

Do you like to stay in resorts when enjoying a holiday? Have you visited India before? Would you prefer the cities in India or hope to go off the grid into nature?

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