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Where Should Your Group Go to the Beach: World Edition

By January 2, 2018March 15th, 20192 Comments

When it’s nasty outside, what do we usually dream about? Sunnier skies! We’ve been lucky enough to travel the blog year-round and plant our toes in the sand. It doesn’t matter if that sand is golden yellow, black as night or pretty in pink – we love them all. There’s something wonderful about being at the beach that makes it a number one choice for travelers and holiday-makers.

How do you begin to choose? Take a stab at a few random picks from our recent adventures and start expanding your own repertoire of amazing coastal destinations for your next trip.

Rocky Adventurous Beaches

Santorini and Paros are two Greek islands not known for their beaches, because of the rocky geography. But both islands have some beautiful spots to gawk at, including the Red Beach on Santorini that’s completely the color of rust. Climb along old volcanic shorelines in Paros, or brave a little bit of a rocky coast near the ferry port to practically have a private beach. While this beach is great for trekking, it’s well worth choosing some study swimwear, like tankinis, to ensure full coverage if scaling some of the trickier trails to the shoreline.

While Lake Michigan is not the ocean, it still boasts a beach! Most of the shore is covered in smooth stones that heat up for a nice warm nap. You can snooze after kayaking to some of the smaller islands on the lake.

River rocks from Lake Michigan! I might have grabbed two, or 47….

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Sand-for-Miles Beaches

In the US, head south of Daytona Beach to Ponce Inlet, where there are miles of beach that are often completely bare. Most locals who live in the high rises don’t hang on the beach outside the summer, so you’ll have it all to yourself.

It’s not super smooth, but you can walk along the beaches lined by the Seven Sisters cliffs in the UK. These cliffs are mostly made fo chalk, offering a beautiful stark white contrast to the sea and sky. On nice days in the summer it’s well worth enjoying a swim too.

Beaches with the Best Bars

The Canary Islands are hopping when it comes to Beach Bars, especially Tenerife. Don’t miss drinks at Papgayo’s then dip your toes in the water, or the Monkey Beach Club for a water-side lunch.

Sri Lanka’s surfing vibe is at it’s best in Mirissa. Grab a cocktail and a hammock while you idle hours away along the southern coast. Many upscale hotels are happy to offer a freshly squeezed welcome drink to get the party started as soon as you arrive. Invest in a rash guard when you hit the surf, which coincided with the island’s conservative look at keeps you protected from the elements.

People Watching Beaches

Slightly controversial, but you could low-key people watch on Praia Do Carvalho. It’s a small beach in the southern part of Portugal where clothing is optional. Be kind though and don’t ogle the locals, everyone is there just to have a good time and avoid tan lines!

Secluded Beaches

Get lost, maybe forever, on those little strips of paradise hidden from the rest of the world. If you travel to Iceland in the off-season, you might not see a lot of sun, but you’ll have the incredible Vik black sand beaches all to yourself. It’s super windy and the waves are enormous, but you’ll be rewarded with unforgettable scenery.

Iceland in the winter is incredible. But SO COLD. Still worth it!

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On the other side of the world, Sri Lanka has a beautiful lagoon with dark sandy beaches, perfect for cartwheeling or watching the crashing waves. Sri Lanka has some great surfing conditions and not too much competition for space on the swells.

What the most amazing beach you’ve ever visited? Do you live near the beach or have to travel far to enjoy it? What’s on your beach bucket list?

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