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Crooked Flight’s Wellness and Sustainable Lifestyle Gift Guide

By November 22, 2019February 14th, 2024No Comments

We’re back and better than ever this year! As always, we aim to celebrate things we can use for years to come and gifts that can make lasting impressions on our loved ones. We work hard to find as many eco-friendly, healthy, sustainable and fun brands to share with you for the ultimate gift guides.

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Cashmere Travel Wrap from White + Warren

Scarves seem to be the ultimate gift given during the holidays what suit almost all tastes. But why not up your game this year and invest in a gift that’s a bit more special? The travel wrap scarves from White + Warren are gorgeous and so amazingly soft. Even the smaller sizes wrap completely around your shoulders and offer a blanket-like comfort when staying warm and protected on a flight or train. I used it everyday to keep warm in the Japanese autumn breeze this year, and can’t wait to make it an ongoing staple for future getaways. If you do pick up one of these wonderful wraps, check out their suggestions on styling for all colors and sizes. This mother-daughter band has been around for three decades and has a strong focus on sustainability as well for their process and materials. -Eileen

Chelsea Boot Nisiolo

Smart looking and sophisticated shoes is how I like to elevate my everyday look while traveling. The Chelsea boot looks amazing with any outfit, as its sleek lines of black leather and brown sole works well for the office or running through an airport. It’s a bit tight at first, but stretches to fit comfortably and now has become a staple in my shoe rotation. Nisolo is a company that’s a certified B corporation and offers fair wages to workers at it’s Peruvian headquarters.They work to ensure their products are ethically made and while offering a top quality shoe and accessories. -Eileen

Pendleton Wallet

pendelton walletMany products from the Pendleton brand celebrate the great outdoors. Even if I’m surrounded by urban environments on trips through Philly or Boston, I like to be reminded of nature and feel a part of those experiences. Travelers need a sizeable holder to fit everything they need, so the smartphone wallet is a great option that celebrates style and practicality in some classic Pendleton patterns. This wallet includes a strap and full zip-around enclosure, big enough to fit a phone, cards, ID and money. I love mine so much, I plan to get my best road trip pal one of her own too. -Eileen

Sherpa Sweater and Leggings

It’s official – I’ve found the perfect outfit for looking chic and flying through the airport. It takes a lot for leggings to wow me, but these honestly might be the perfect pair. They’re sturdy and have a nice, simple design, which you can choose to enjoy with a splash of color (I love the green ones). And here’s the best part – pockets! Zippered pickets big enough to fit a large smartphone and some cash. That feature is priceless when traveling and keep track of your valuables.

sherpa sweater

Along with the leggings, I am cosying up in the Kopan Crew Sweater. It’s super classic merino wool and warm for adventuring. The pattern celebrates the traditional Dhaka patterns, showing the brand’s connection to Nepal. Many of their proceeds go toward funding education in Nepal throughout childhood. -Eileen

Sseko Brave Drop Earrings

sseko earrings

I worry about losing jewelry while traveling, so I often keep it to a minimal. But this is why Sseko’s line of Brave earrings is ideal for traveling – you can use their pretty base and jazz up the pair with various meaningful charms. These charms that celebrate things like positively, friendship and the journey itself work well with earring and the other pieces in the line, including bracelets and necklaces. The Seeko company is also fantastic, as they support women’s education in Uganda directly by offering skills and employment in the business and have changed hundreds of lives over the years with their initiatives. -Eileen

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones

1more headphones airbuds in box

When I’m traveling, I need to zone out. It’s so important I stay away from the noise, the chaos and focus getting to my destination. This goes for work and play too, as I’ve always had trouble focusing and getting the task done to avoid feeling overwhelmed. The Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones from 1MORE helps me reach my goals, stay calm and get focused, as they provide a wonderful cushion of sound and silence when needed on the road. Each pair comes with several ear pieces so you can find the perfect fit. The sound itself is possibly the best I’ve ever experienced with earbuds, using tuning technology designed by award-winning sound engineers. But really, the sleek design, durability and portability is what I love best about 1MORE products for travelers like myself and my loved ones. -Eileen

Allbirds Shoes

Allbirds have quickly exploded onto the sneaker scene. The hunt for a perfect pair of stylish, yet comfortable sneakers while on the road is something we’ve been attempting to master forever. But Allbirds have proven a tried and true choice in both departments – not to mention, they’re super light for easy packing. Our favorite feature though is the shoes being made from sustainable materials. The classic is wool-based and cozy. But they now also have tree-based shoes, and even sandals made from sugar. Check out the making-of videos, they’re hypnotizing. They even utilize recycled plastic for laces and 90% recycled cardboard for packaging. If you’re giving Allbirds as a gift, they have a few options for digital and printed gift cards so your loved ones can pick out their colors and types of shoes. -Eileen

Philips Norelco Vacuum beard trimmer, Series 7200

I wasn’t aware of how far beard trimming technology had come – having had the same shaver for at least the last five years. Then I saw the Philips Norelco Series 7000 Beard Trimmer with a built in vacuum. At first, I thought it was a little gimmicky, but wanted to give it a try.  First – don’t ever wait five years to replace your trimmer. Second, the amount of control this trimmer gives you is incredible.  It comes with two different heads – one thinner for more precision. It has ten…yes ten different length settings ranging from stubble all the way up to manicured Grizzly Adams. It’s got a rechargeable battery that seemingly lasts forever, and you can take the entire thing apart to clean it. 

Also, the vacuum it works!  I still shave over the sink, but the vast majority of hair ends up in the internal chamber that you can then just empty into the bin. Perhaps most importantly, the quality blades do not irritate my male skin or make my neck itch.  I feel confident that this little guy can last me for years to come. Christian

Soapwalla’s Facial Toning Mist

For any frequent long-haul fliers out there, staying hydrated is essential. Drinking plenty of water before, during, and after a flight is key;  but keeping your skin moisturized is also important. Rushing off to a critical business meeting as soon as you land? Looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for your senses from 20,000 feet in the air? Just looking to arrive feeling fresh and ready for your next adventure? Including Soapwalla’s Facial Toning Mist to your airplane hygiene routine is a perfect way to moisturize. The refreshing rose petal infused scent will help you to relax, which often times can be challenging in the confines of an economy. Pick up a bottle, and pack it in your carry on for your next flight! -Jeanne

Hydrapak Seeker Series

seeker series hydropakWe all know that recycling is better for the environment than just choosing to trash your waste, but Reusing is by far the best choice. Hydrapak Seeker Series reusable water bags make a great environmentally friendly option. These flexible, almost weightless bottles can be folded up when not in use to save space in your bag. Why carry the weight of an empty Nalgene? BPA and PVC free, these bags come in 2, 3 and 4 liter versions. With the Plug-N-Play cap kit you can turn any Seeker bag into a quick shower to rinse off or use the spout to wash dishes or your hands while camping in backcountry, according to CampingStyle when camping be sure to look for Canopy Installers.  For those that love the active life, this will be a great find under the tree this holiday season! -Jake

Squeak Cleaning Products

squeak cleaning products

I definitely don’t want to talk about post-holiday blues yet! But hiring a carpet cleaning service like Eco Clean Solutions after a big bash is essential to keeping routine and your space fresh. Looking for the most extensive range of awesome carpets, then check out this carpet stores Canberra here for great help! You may also want to visit a site like andy steamer for an excellent carpet cleaning services that provides special attention to each customer!

Some of the customers also suggest to seek for the best carpet cleaning services thoroughly before even hiring one.

If you travel a lot, it’s also nice to come home to an orderly, fresh-smelling space after a long time from home. We love all the initiatives happening at Squeak, who offer a great line of safe and sustainable cleaning products. They hope to help minimize the harsh chemicals we often have in our homes and provide an alternative to clean surfaces, sanitize hands and freshen the air. Squeak uses completely natural ingredients such as lemongrass, cedarwood, cinnamon to create their lines that also can be holiday or season themed depending on your mood. -Eileen

Dr. Segla’s Compression Socks

Whether you travel for business or for pleasure, maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the road is key. Remaining seated for multiple hours in a cramped economy cabin seat isn’t just uncomfortable, it has a negative impact on your body. Maintaining good blood circulation is very important on long haul flights. Be sure to make sure you get up every few hours to walk and stretch out those muscles, pack a pair of compression socks in your luggage. We found the stylish, colorful options from Dr. Segla are the perfect combination of comfort and function. The diamond dot teal energy socks not only prevented my feet from swelling, but looked pretty darn cute compared to most compression socks out on the market. Be sure not to leave home without a pair! -Jeanne

FitFabFun Box

fitfabfun boxMost people have heard of the Instagram-crazed FitFabFun box and after trying this subscription box it’s definitely worth the hype! We all need a little self-soothe time to calm the nerves and carve a little time out just for ourselves. Jam-packed with plenty of items to choose from, two favorites come to mind. The Better Skin Co. Better Skin Lava Magik and NassifMD® Detox Pads are a perfect addition to anyone’s travel skin regime. The NassifMD® Detox Pads are the quickest way to clean off  any make-up, germs, dirt and grime after the long days of airports, busses, and trains. The Better Skin Co. Better Skin Lava Magik is the other absolute must have in this box. It is made to be used as a cleanser, scrub, and mask. This  little mask packs a punch, being a 3 in 1 product creating more room in your travel bag.  These products both normally retail for between $35-$45 alone, which is more than the whole box itself, making this subscription box the gift that keeps on giving. -Katie

Arcopedico boots

arcpedico n42 boots
When you find those wonderful leather boots that will last you through the fall and winter, you hold onto them tight. Arcopedico has a line of boots that are made specifically for comfort, as they are shaped to fit the arch, heel and support areas to offer an easy-breezy feel to the feet. It’s a perfect way to take care of your feet. Specifically, the slouch look of the N42 ankle boot is great for icky weather while still looking stylish. I bet mum would love these boots with the dual arch support and cute button detail for the holidays. -Eileen

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