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How My Decathlon Bike is Saving My Bacon

By January 28, 2021March 28th, 2021One Comment

2020 obviously turned out to be a wild year. Plus, most of us are tucked into a long winter of being sedentary.  I get it – life moves so fast, and we work so hard that when Saturday comes, all we want to do is wrap ourselves up in a blanket on the sofa and watch TV. But now I’m looking forward to Spring:  the clocks will go forward, it’s light out later, and things will finally start to warm out.  I sadly won’t be able to travel as much as I used to this year — so instead, it’s time to get back on the bike.

The best gear for starter cycling

I’m rocking a Triban Disc 105 RC520 – and this bike has a few early season benefits for those of us in colder latitudes or areas with poor pavement.  For starters, the slightly wider 28mm wheels came with Triban Protect Light tires that are tough and durable enough to stand up to beat up and pot-hole scarred roads. The wider wheels make it easier to deal with leftover sand or road grit that has accumulated over the long winter – and if that’s still not enough – the bike can accommodate up to 36mm tires that would surely be gravel-ready. Then there’s the disc brakes that will still halt the bike quickly, even in April showers. Lastly, the bike has fittings for fenders and mudguards, but also for racks so commuting is even easier.

Decathlon has a range of quality, professional road bikes you can peruse here to explore the best fit and style for your personal use!

Cycling helps lockdown mental health

But, due to the quarantine, I’m no longer commuting.  In fact, very little of us are!  We’re stuck at home, where, if we’re not careful, we’ll spend even longer sitting at the computer than we did when we were in the office! So how do I break up the days that all seem to blend together? I squeeze in a cycle. I either use the time between getting up and my first meeting to have a quick 45 minute pedal, or I’ll use the longer daylight to get out as soon as my last piece of work is done for the day to rough outside and ride.

More benefits of cycling

This seems to have two very obvious affects on me. First, exercise is fantastic for physical health, but I can really clear my head. Finding ways to physically separate ourselves from working at home can be very difficult, and forcing oneself to get on the bike and go can do wonders to destress. It’s also a great time to be riding – cars are quite limited on the road, and the weather isn’t hot enough to be problematic.

The second part is that I’m exhausted after a long ride. I come home and enjoy being ‘done for the day’ with work and fitness – and can cook, lounge or play. I fall asleep much easier, and stay asleep longer. That in turn leads to more productive days. 

A creative way to move your body

Sure – any type of exercise can do this for you – but with many people working from home or out of work – most of my local places – from beaches and parks, to hiking trails and dog parks – are packed now. The bike allows me to get away from it all. I now think about cycling at the weekend. Because I commuted, I rarely cycled on the weekends. Now, I think about cycling destinations near me – long bike paths or rail trails where traffic is nonexistent – or even a full weekend out on the bike. I feel like my Triban can take me anywhere – from the depths of a dark winter or mentally gruelling quarantine. It’s my escape.

Want an even more in-depth look into Decathlon’s Triban bicycle? Have a peek at Christian’s comprehensive review.

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How My Decathlon Bike is Saving My Bacon
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