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Our Traveling Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016

By June 13, 2016October 8th, 2017One Comment

Pop open that bottle of wine – we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you this year on Father’s Day! We know our favorite traveling dads will go nuts over our top picks for unique and high quality gifts this year. Heck, maybe it’ll finally earn you that favorite child nod you’ve been trying to nail down. Although he loves you all the same. Of course. Deep down.


Osprey Atmos 65 AG

We’ve all heard of the big brands like North Face and REI, but if dad’s a serious hiker, he’s going to want to know more about this Osprey backpack. Most brands struggle to find just the right mix of size, comfort, and functionality — but that’s not a problem with this pack. It’s large, to be sure, and is ideal for those guys who are going on multi-day trips, but it still manages to be incredibly comfortable because of the mesh that both cushions the back and allows it to breathe simultaneously. It’s got a built in hydration pack and more useful compartments than you can really find uses for.


Osprey Atmos 65 AG by maxresdefault

If your dad is an outdoorsy type of dude, treat him to a hiking backpack that is going to keep him adventuring for years to come.


Mountain Khakis Men’s Granite Creek Convertible Pine

Some men aren’t big fans of packing, and that’s cool. If your dad or husband is that guy, get him a convertible pair of pants. They are super comfy and are good for wearing while in transit, but basically are also durable enough to be ideal work wherever you’re going.

Got a winter getaway planning to Jackson Hole? He’s covered. Planning on getting tropical this year in St. Lucia? Unzip those bad boys at the knees.

No more worrying about packing layers, because the layers are built right in.



You know we’re all about the experience here at Pure Wander. What better way to treat Dad to an adventure than CityPass for the whole crew? CityPass covers destinations across North America to help save the big buck when it comes to big attractions.


big-bus-front-view by citypass

For instance, Boston’s pass is great for the aquarium, museum of science and museum of Fine Arts, to name a few. By bundling, admission prices are almost slashed in half and the asses can be used over a nine-day period. Whether you grab some passes for a little hometown exploration or for a future trip to New York, Philadelphia, SoCal or Seattle.


9 Piece Mens Travel Set Complete Stainless Steel Kit

Your hubby may be a business traveler who needs to stay groomed while on the go, or maybe you simply want him to be prepared for stray nose hairs during your anniversary getaway this year. Whatever the case may be, all dudes can use this dandy little kit. It comes with the travel case and the stainless steel accessories are perfect to accompany a guy who is more than a little rough. Best part of this deal? It comes with a corkscrew, which means you’ll never forget to make him pack it.


Barracuda Luggage

Every traveler knows that luggage is their most important tool on the road, and I don’t think any piece of luggage out there is as comprehensive as the one from our favorite Kickstarter: Barracuda Luggage.

couple with barracuda luggage london

Regardless of whether dad’s a business traveler or not, he can’t deny how amazing these features are:

  • A work tray that pops out of the handle to read, compute, work on a tablet, or do other important dad things while waiting for a flight or sitting on a train.
  • A USB charger because even dad would be lost without his devices, and who wants to stand at a charging station with a bunch of other travelers for a 30 minute stretch while the cell phone charges up? Not your daddy-o.
  • There’s a round ergonomic handle, which is pretty cool.
  • Location tracking AND a proximity sensor so he can always know how close — or far away — he is from it bag.
  • This thing is collapsible and can fit under the bed when not in use. Won’t mom love that?

This revolutionary piece of luggage comes in blue, black, gray, pink, gold, and red. Come to think of it, you might want to get one for mom too.


Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System 8-piece Plus Package

I don’t know about your dad, but my dad is a techy guy. (Or at least he thinks he is.) A home security system appeals to his desire to keep the family safe on regular days and the house safe when we are traveling — and this system has it all. It’s got entry sensors for windows and doors, motion detectors, and even a carbon monoxide detector. Best of all, it works with your cell phone so it can be managed from anywhere and everywhere.

Dad will enjoy the new toy and the peace of mind it provides when the family travels.


KLAX® – Lumberjack Head

It’s no secret that dads like tools, and the Klax is in a category of its own. If the dad in your life likes camping, the Klax is something he’s got to add to his kit. Believe it or not, the Klaz can do more than just chop wood — it’s even ideal for hammering tent stakes. The sheath makes it super convenient, and the handle is lightweight and ergonomic, yet strong. It would be difficult to make your own handle for the Klax, so we suggest you get the one the company makes for it when you get this gift for dad.

KLAX® - Lumberjack Head by knifecenter

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